Konoba Lado

If you’re craving some traditional Dalmatian food, this is the place to try it! Wonderful meals prepared on wood burning grill, cozy garden and friendly staff are the recipe for a satisfying lunch or dinner! It might not be an easy find, but just follow the donkey up a winding street and you’ll reach konoba Lado in no time!

Bistro Fontana

During summer nights, the best thing to do is enjoy the delicious donuts, freshly baked, sold at Bistro Fontana which serves a variety of meals. If you want to eat shrimp, quality fish, octopus or squid, or enjoy prosciutto, “čevapčići” or some say the best pizza on the island, you can find it all in Fontana. They’ll make your meal even better with live music on the terrace of the restaurant!

Nono Ban

Restaurant Nono Ban’s  gastronomic selection is large enough to satisfy all of your desires. Located near Gornji Humac, hey offer you a wide choice of food from their own garden and from their personal harvests, fresh fish, cheese, agricultural products and meat (chicken, lamb, veal, and prosciutto). Don’t forget an aperitif and digestif made from local herbs!

Bistro Baškotin

A gorgeous view, even better selection of Croatian craft beer, await you at the Bistro Baškotin, located near the Sculpting academy. Try their burgers of locally sourced meat, in homemade buns with homemade sauces of different levels of “wow, that’s spicy”, or pasta, or pizza, or calzone… Well, either way you can’t go wrong!

Bašta Aquila

This place is well known for its very relaxed and easy-going atmosphere, a place where you are not pressured like in some fancy-shmancy restaurants, while enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a simple snack! Often, you can find locals singing and simply enjoying themselves here. Also, you can rent a car, bike or a scooter here, for your further adventures on the island of Brač.

Stay tuned, more will be added soon 😉

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