Welcome to Pučišća!

Welcome to one of the prettiest small places in Europe – Pučišća! Here, we’ll share many interesting facts and bits about Pučišća, so stick around!

Welcome to one of the prettiest small places in Europe – Pučišća! Here, we’ll share many interesting facts and bits about Pučišća, so stick around!

We can not even count how many websites and magazines in the world have listed Pučišća as one of the most beautiful small places in Europe! We could easily stop our description here since it should be more than enough motivation for you to visit this little piece of heaven, but still. Here are the basics you should know traveling to Pučišća!

Pučišća (we know, hard to pronounce, isn’t it!) are known for many things, not just beauty. They are called a “13 towers port” since it used to have 13 towers guarding it against repeated attacks by pirates. It sounds like a movie, doesn’t it?! Well, the history may not have been pleasant for this lovely place, but Pučišća still maintained its character and beauty for centuries.

Today, this most charming place is also known for its long masonry tradition, with the quarry most popular due to the legend that the White House in Washington was built with stones taken out of it. We know it was, you try to oppose it if you dare! 😉

This is also the biggest municipality on Brač (not counting the city of Supetar) with around 1500 people living in three villages – Pučišća, Gornji Humac, and Pražnica. The latter is a true example of how people used to create villages out of scattered homes. They are also an example of the best-preserved archaic speech, which some locals can’t even understand!


Gornji Humac, on the other hand, is one of the oldest and most prominent settlements in the history of the island. However, this is a place full of scars of time, especially from the World War II period. But, Gornji Humac emerged like a phoenix from its own ashes and is full of taverns and inns today.

Gornji Humac

How to reach Pučišća during the pandemic?

We’re bringing you all the information you need, on how to reach Pučišća!

We’re bringing you all the information you need, on how to reach Pučišća!

Pučišća, voted many times as one of the most beautiful places in Europe, is located on the north side of the island Brač in Croatia, which can be reached by sea and air. Once you reach island Brač, there’s a quick ride to Pučišća, depending on the direction you’re arriving from.

Before we continue with explaining the ways to reach Pučišća, let us first answer some of the questions you may have about travel during the pandemic.

Here’s what you need to know about traveling to Pučišća during the pandemic

You must fulfill and evidence 1 of the following 5 criteria to be allowed access to Croatia:

#1 A negative PCR or antigen test taken 48 hours before arrival at the border.

#2 A vaccination certificate showing final dose taken more than 14 days ago.

#3 Proof of recovery from Covid more than 11 days and less than 180 days ago.

#4 Proof of recovery and first dose of vaccination more than 11 days and less than 6 months ago.

#5 Quarantine for 10 days or pay for a test on arrival and remain in self-isolation until a negative result.

Don’t forget, you will also need to show evidence that you own property in Croatia or have paid for accommodation, be that in a hotel, camp site, private rental, boat or other tourism provider.

Additional things to consider:

+ All tests taken and used as supporting evidence of a positive or negative result must be recognized by European Union.

+ All children under the age of 7 are exempt from providing test results should their parent or guardian fulfill the requirements.



Brač has its own small airport, situated in the middle of the island, just above Bol. More and more flights are introduced each year, and all the necessary information you may find on the airport’s websiteIsland has a direct connection by air with Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and of course – the capital of Croatia. 

We must add that, since the COVID-19, many of the flights have been canceled, so make sure to contact the airport to get the latest news! Click here for the latest updates on flights to Brač.

The closest international airports to Brač are the ones in SplitZadar, and Dubrovnik, with many low-cost companies flying there. There are regular bus lines between the airports and city centers, and from there, you can continue to Brač by ferry, catamaran, or private taxi boats.

From the airport, you may take a taxi or rent a car to Pučišća. Drive in the direction of Supetar, and when reaching Pražnica, take the road to Pučišća.


There are two ferry lines and three catamaran lines connecting Brač with the land, as of 2020, but reaching Pučišća is easiest via ferries since catamarans stop further from Pučišća.

The first ferry port is in Supetar, connecting Brač with Split, and the second is in Sumartin, connecting Brač with Makarska. More information about ferry lines and timetables you may find here. Distance from Supetar to Pučišća is almost the same as the one from Sumartin to Pučišća, but which ferry port you’ll arrive to depends on where you’re coming from.

Also, if you own or rent boats, you may just sail into Pučišća, which might be the best way to reach this place!


Once you arrived at the island, either in Supetar or Sumartin by ferry, or Milna, Sutivan, and Bol by catamaran, there are a couple of ways to get to Pučišća. One is to hop on a local bus that connects the entire island with lines that are more frequent during summer. Booking your ticket via their free app can save you 5% every time.

If you prefer some eco-friendly means of transport, just hop on your bicycle and enjoy 1023 kilometers of bike lanes around the island!