Sculpting academy – unique in the world!

People from Pučišća live with the stone, off the stone and for the stone. With a centuries-old tradition of masonry, we are proud that we have a stonemason high school – a sculpting academy!

It is often said in Pučišća that people here live with the stone, off the stone, and for the stone. With a centuries-old tradition of masonry, we are proud that we have a stonemason high school – a sculpting academy, which is unique in this part of Europe, but we dare to say – in the world, as well!

In 1906., stone cutting classes took place in Pučišća and Selca, where most of the stone production takes place, and soon, a “School of advanced training in stonemasonry” was established, in 1909.

After the Second World War, stonemasonry on Brač is revived and becomes the strongest economic branch on the island. The first generation in Pučišća was thought the stonemason’s craft in 1946., and the students worked for 6 hours in “Jadrankamen” (stone cutting company), and in the evening they went to school. In 1956., an industrial school was formed, along with a dormitory for students, in Pučišća, since this is where the biggest quarry was.

Since 1991., the training of stonemasons, in now an independent school, was divided into three directions: stonemason technician, stonemason, and surface miner. Stonemasonry technicians attend classes for four years, and after the final exam, they can continue their education at faculties (construction, architecture, mining, art academy, etc.). The training of stonemasons lasts for three years, and after three years of practice, there is the possibility of taking a master’s exam. Training for a surface miner also lasts three years.

Today, this school is attended by students from all over Croatia, but also from neighboring countries. They participate in numerous projects, promoting the school, the craft, the art, and Pučišća in the world.

In 2020., the construction of the new workshop added to the school is underway, making more space for creating works of art, cut in stone.

Pučišća’s stone masters offered to rebuild parts of the Notre Dame cathedral, after the devastating fire. Stonemasons who attended this school have already proven themselves in the restoration of numerous facilities, including churches damaged during the Homeland War in Croatia. Their help would, therefore, be very valuable in the process of restoring Notre Dame.

P.S. Arrange a tour with the school, and you can walk through their amazing workshop, accompanied by one of the Masters of stone crafts. You might get dust all over yourself, but that can be a unique experience as well.

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